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About Us

This site is all about healthcare management standards, EHR, technology, quality, regulatory compliance, contracting, access to healthcare resources and the marketplace for products and services, with an emphasis in pediatric and children with special needs.

With over 25 years of experience in healthcare administration from inpatient, outpatient, hospitals, medical groups, HMO, managed care, ancillary care, home and community based care, few things we all know for sure  are constant change, cost reductions, and there is never enough time to keep up with all the demands placed on us by patients, payers, auditors, regulators, investors and shareholders.

As healthcare managers and providers, you are expected to understand and keep up with a bit of everything, to be nice, patient, understanding and to be dedicated.  You are to make things work for the patients, employees and everyone else while coping with a multitude of healthcare regulations, accreditation standards, clinical guidelines, payers' guidelines, technological changes, privacy, security, etc... not to mention the work force, politics and various human factors involved in the course of the delivery of care.

This blog is created for you, management apprentices, seasoned managers, supervisors, providers and caregivers.  So please join, share your experience, help and show one another how to succeed in this field.  If you would like to contribute posts and articles to this blog, please contact the Publisher, Lynn Tran at