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Emergency Preparedness - the First 72 hours

What can you do today to prepare your business and family for a large scale event? Simply put, prepare to go it alone for the first 72 hours.

FEMA recommends to be prepared with adequate supplies for the critical first 72 hours after a disaster. This includes operating under the assumption that utilities (phone, electricity, gas) as well as public safety (police and fire departments) may be unavailable. 

The following items should be included in a 72 hour "go bag" or kit:
  • Clothing: Each person should have two sets of clothes.
  • First Aid: You should have a fully stocked First Aid Kit and include any over the counter medications.
  • Water: Water is critical. Each person should have a minimum of one gallon per day.
  • Food: Pack high energy food bars and other non-perishable high energy snacks. This will help both the physical and mental aspects of a disaster.
  • Medication: You should have a three, or preferably 10 day supply of any prescription medications.
  • Important Documents: Insurance policies, contracts, wills, deeds, titles, and medical prescriptions in a waterproof pouch.
  • Money: You should have at least $250.00 in cash. Power failures will disable ATM's and most credit card machines.
  • Misc: Extra blankets, hygiene products, N95 respirator masks, misc tools, flashlight, extra batteries and radio are all great things to have.

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